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         QuickBooks U.S.                            SAGE 50 - U.S. Edition(Peachtree)        SAGE 50 - Canadian  Edition(Simply Accounting)        DacEasy By Sage                   Tally ERP 9 Accounting

         QuickBooks Pro                               Sage 50 Complete Accounting                  Sage 50 Pro Accounting                                                  Accounting Module                            Silver

         QuickBooks Premier                        Sage 50 Premium Accounting                   Sage 50 Premium  Accounting                                         Point of Sale                                       Gold

         QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions     Sage 50 Quantum Accounting                  Sage 50 Quantum Accounting                                         Order Entry

         QuickBooks Accountant                   Sage 50 Accountant Edition                      Sage 50 Accountant Edition                                            Job Costing

         QuickBooks for Mac                         Sage 50 Accounting by Industry :

         Industry Solutions:(Construction/     (Construction/Distribution/Manufacturing)

         Manufacturing/ Nonprofit/

         Professional Services/Retail)                                                             


        Point of  Sale (POS)                                  Customer Relation Management (CRM)     Inventory Management Software        HR & Payroll Software         Others Software       

        Intuit QuickBooks POS (Basic, Pro & Multi Store)                 act! pro v 16                                                    Acctivate!                                             QuickPeach HRMS                      ETNL Language LAB  

         AccuPOS ( Retail & Restaurant)                                                  act! premier  v16                                                                                                                                                             Cheque Management                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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