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Inventory Management Software
Inventory management software for Quickbooks & Intacct

        Inventory management

          The most feature-rich inventory management software
          available that improves your entire business.


  •  Manage dispersed acquisition, manufacturing,warehousing & distribution activities - in one location or multiple throughout the world

  •  Multi-tiered inventory management, Matrix inventory, Kitting, Assemblies, & Advanced lot & serial number management &multi-tiered financial control

  •  EDI, eCommerce, Drop ship wizard, Consignment inventory& Vendor managed inventory management

  • Fully-integrated picking, shipping and shipment tracking    

ACCTivate!'s inventory management software is flexible, robust and proven, yet continually evolving to integrate new technologies and capabilities. Key features include:

  •         Inventory Visibility,
  •         Multiple Product ID Codes,
  •         Alternate Product Descriptions,
  •         Multiple Units of Measure,
  •         Inventory History
  •         Valuation & Costing

                 How can inventory control software help your business?

  • Increases profitability by automating inventory control process & procedures.

  • Improves accuracy, saves time & reduces human errors.

  • Reduces end-of-year write-offs, lost & misplaced inventory & operational bottlenecks.

  • Improves customer service by reducing out of stocks & time spent on resolving customer problems. 

  • Increases visibility & helps with better decision making and purchasing decisions.


Real-time Inventory visibility from one screen

The ACCTivate! Inventory product screen allows at-a-glance visualization of key inventory control indicators and enables real-time inventory management and analysis.

Monitor all aspects of inventory from one location including:

  • Inventory available (not committed for a particular use)

  • Inventory on order from suppliers

  • Inventory committed to production work order

  • Inventory committed to customers

  • Inventory reserve

  • Minimum inventory level

  • Maximum inventory level

  • Minimum reorder quantity

  • Recommended reorder quantity

  • Substitutions

  • Bill of materials

  • Costing

  • Reorder management

  • Detailed specifications

  • Product pictures

  • Multi-tiered pricing

  • Infinite ability to include notes & description information

  • Current inventory on hand in each location

Multiple ID codes for each product 

Identify products by multiple product ID codes that may be associated with each product. Alternate product IDs may be used as an alternate lookup key or may be printed on the sales and/or purchase documents. Each product ID code may contain numbers, letters, special characters and embedded spaces.


  • SKU

  • Internal part number

  • Manufacturers' part numbers

  • Industry-specific codes, such as NRF codes or NAPA codes


  • Vendor part numbers

  • Customer specific part numbers


Alternative inventory product descriptions 

Usage examples include:     

  • Alternate Languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and more)
  • Customer type (commercial, government)
  • Department needs (sales, purchasing)
  • Usage (marketing, engineering)
  • Description length (brief and extended, more detailed description)

Multiple Units of MeasureACCTivate!'s flexible multiple units of measure functionality allows a primary and relative alternate units of measure for order-taking, purchasing and packaging to be used for each product in the inventory. The selling price may be stated in either the primary unit of measure, alternate unit of measure or any other unit of measure for which there is a universal relationship (i.e.inches to feet).

Inventory History
ACCTivate! maintains a comprehensive history of buying and selling activities from the original request to the completion of the order with visibility into current status,progress and activity completion status. 
History can be used to:
Track lot or serial numbers
Locate customers
Identify customers who have ordered or purchased a particular product

Project demand   

ACCTivate! Inventory valuation methods ACCTivate! has the most reliable valuation and costing methodology of any small & mid-sized business software.

Average: The weighted average cost of inventory on hand. As new stock is received, the total value of the received inventory items is added to the value of the existing inventory items. The resulting value is divided by the resulting quantity on hand to form a true weighted average cost. 
Standard: All inventory on hand is valued at the standard cost established for the product. Standard cost may be changed at any time by entering a balance adjustment transaction.

LIFO (Last In First Out): When inventory is received, a cost-layer is established which identifies the quantity, unit cost and total value of goods received into inventory in this transaction. As inventory is sold, the layers are costed and depleted beginning with the most recent layers.
FIFO (First in First Out): When inventory is received, a cost-layer is established which identifies the quantity, unit cost and total value of goods received into inventory in this transaction. As inventory is sold, the layers are costed and depleted to the oldest remaining layer.
Specific Identity (actual): When inventory is serial-numbered, the option exists to cost each item sold at the actual cost for which it was purchased. When inventory is lot-numbered, the actual cost is the weighted average of all purchases for that lot.
Landed Cost Landed cost includes additional costs beyond the purchase price of a product such as duties, taxes, VAT, government fees, customs, freight, insurance and other charges in product valuation. ACCTivate!'s Landed Cost addon module, quickly and easily enables businesses to manually and automatically allocate these additional charges — the total landed cost amount — from the vendor(s) across one or more transactions (i.e. receipts, receipts from a purchase order and inventory transfers) based on quantity, value or weight. Added Cost  Costs incurred after receipt of product in inventory may be included in product valuation. For example: refurbishing costs, outsourced handling or 3PL costs. 
Management Cost Maintain a management or budgeted cost for each item in inventory. Vendor Cost For each vendor, a published vendor cost and the actual last vendor cost may be maintained.      




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