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         QuickBooks U.S.                            SAGE 50 - U.S. Edition(Peachtree)        SAGE 50 - Canadian  Edition(Simply Accounting)        DacEasy By Sage                   Tally ERP 9 Accounting

         QuickBooks Pro                               Sage 50 Complete Accounting                  Sage 50 Pro Accounting                                                  Accounting Module                            Silver

         QuickBooks Premier                        Sage 50 Premium Accounting                   Sage 50 Premium  Accounting                                         Point of Sale                                       Gold

         QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions     Sage 50 Quantum Accounting                  Sage 50 Quantum Accounting                                         Order Entry

         QuickBooks Accountant                   Sage 50 Accountant Edition                      Sage 50 Accountant Edition                                            Job Costing

         QuickBooks for Mac                         Sage 50 Accounting by Industry :

         Industry Solutions:(Construction/     (Construction/Distribution/Manufacturing)

         Manufacturing/ Nonprofit/

         Professional Services/Retail)                                                             


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        Intuit QuickBooks POS (Basic, Pro & Multi Store)                 act! pro v 16                                                    Acctivate!                                             QuickPeach HRMS                      ETNL Language LAB  

         AccuPOS ( Retail & Restaurant)                                                  act! premier  v16                                                                                                                                                             Cheque Management                                                                                                                                                                                                                


    PROTON | delivering performance through superior know-how

• Affordable Business Benefits
• Line Item Details
• Extend your capabilities
​ • Communicate and Collaborate

Retail Store POS Software
AccuPOS Point of Sale can improve your bottom line with fast transactions, wireless devices and customized reports that show you the vital details of your sales, profits and inventory.

AccuPOS P.O.S. Software has the ideal system for managing your entire inventory, from the stock room deliveries to each pour. Keep track of everything in your preferred accounting program.
Retail Store POS Software
AccuPOS Point of Sale is the ideal choice for any retail establishment who wants to speed up their sales, simplify their accounting and make the most out of their business information.

 POS Software for Retail and Restaurants
AccuPOS Point Of Sale is the easiest, most cost effective business software ever developed! Our cost effective POS software and hardware bundles provide an “all-in-one” touchscreen solution that is easy to set up, easy to use, and saves you valuable counter space. Our Point Of Sale is an award-winning software designed for minimal keystrokes and maximum speed. Input may be received from all sorts of hardware: touchscreens, scanners, scales, wireless devices... whatever suits your style of business.   
AccuPOS Point of Sale Software is an Award Winning POS System and the preferred system of QuickBooks, Sage 50 US & Canadian Edition and Sage 100 ERP. Our POS Software will provide your business with a complete POS solution; saving you time and money, by merging all of your POS transactions with your accounting software. AccuPOS sets the industry standard in accounting software integration and drastically reduces double-work, giving you extra time to focus on other things to grow your business. Whether you need to equip a restaurant or retail establishment, AccuPOS Point of Sale will provide you the best ROI. Our POS Software is easy to learn and gives you the control you need to run your business more efficiently, by allowing for integration with your accounting software to create a custom POS system. Imagine your company with improved sale speeds, inventory management control and heightened user-login security to help you take your business to the next level.

Why AccuPOS?

POS Software with Line Item Accounting Integration
AccuPOS Point of Sale provides award-winning point of sale software, inventory management, and time clock solutions both at home and abroad for users of QuickBooks , Sage 50 US & Canadian Edition and Sage 100 ERP. AccuPOS Point of Salewon two additional development awards this year from Sage for their restaurant and their retail POS systems further proving that the solution works.

Point of Sale Package