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                                        SAGE 50 Quantum Industry Solution 2020

Sage offers industry specific solutions in Sage 50 Quantum Industry solutions combine powerful accounting and analysis tools with reports and functionality

specific to the Construction, Distribution, and Manufacturing industries.

It provides specialized functionality and reporting along with all the core accounting features you need.

Construction businesses must expertly manage contractors, job costs, and marketing in order to be profitable. Sage 50 makes

it easy to track and invoice costs that often elude being captured in the billing process  as well as control job revenue and expense

Winning new jobs and maintaining the profitability of those jobs is more important – and perhaps more difficult– than ever before.

That's why Sage 50 Quantum offers construction accounting  that lets you track cost and revenue information down to the finest detail,

helping you become more profitable.

Sage 50 Quantum Construction  facilitates:

✔  Progress billing

✔  Retainage

✔  Labor burden calculations

✔  Payroll overhead rate tracking

✔  Sub-contractor insurance expiration tracking

✔  Custom construction planning reports

Pricing flexibility, accurate inventory management, and fulfilling customer orders quickly and accurately are critical for distributors.

It helps you manage relationships with suppliers, monitor manufacturing and kitting, and get UPS integration. 

In order to remain competitive, distributors must juggle multiple demands related to inventory management, procurement, pricing, and customers.

It helps you deal with these challenges so you can increase sales, deliver on time, retain customer and minimize overhead.

It is easy to use, so you spend less time on accounting and more time running your business.

Sage 50 Quantum Distribution  facilitate:

✔  Multi-quantity unit buy/sell capability

✔  Serialized inventory

✔  Multiple costing methods

✔  Establish minimum stocking levels and reorder quantities

✔  Flexible pricing tools: volume discounts and quantity-based pricing

✔  Custom reporting to manage distribution operations

Accurate inventory management and customer fulfillment are critical for successful manufacturers.

Sage  50 Quantum  helps improve your assembly processes, gain control of fulfillment, and improve customer and vendor management. 

Manufacturing is a complex industry with many moving parts. Even small manufacturers must expertly manage inventory, fulfillment,

and customer expectations in order to be successful and profitable. That’s why Sage 50 Quantum offers manufacturing features that provides

robust inventory management, improved control and tracking of assembly jobs, and industry-specific reports, all designed to save you

time and increase your profitability.

Sage 50 Quantum Manufacturing facilitates:

✔  Track BOM revisions

✔  Work tickets

✔  Create purchase orders based on stocking levels

✔  Inventory management and trend analysis

✔  Serialized inventory tracking

✔  Order/sell using vendor part numbers

✔  Quantity price breaks

✔  Buy/sell in different units

✔  Advance drop shipping capabilities

✔  Manufacturing-specific operational reports